Get above the day-to-day grind, take a breath of fresh air,
and cultivate the clarity and bravery to truly ascend.

Mount Engadine Lodge, Alberta, Canada


Get above the day-to-day grind, take a breath of fresh air,
and cultivate the clarity and bravery to truly ascend.

Get above the day-to-day grind, take a breath of fresh air, and cultivate the clarity and bravery to

truly ascend.

Mount Engadine Lodge, Alberta, Canada

You’ve made it this far. You’ve worked your way here.

You’ve used all your grit to create a business that’s relatively successful.

But at this point, you’re tired.

And if you’re being brutally honest: You want more.

More time. More joy. More fun. More family.

More life.

You’re ready to get clear (and real) about what’s actually working (and what’s really not) in your business and lifestyle.

You’re ready to get some much-needed rest and rejuvenation, along with the kind of fresh perspective that ONLY comes from stepping away from the day-to-day.

You’re also ready for answers.

Because you know you want more time, and space, and fun — but you’re also asking…


The big floating questions in your mind…

How am I going to grow my business when I’m already overloaded and tapped out?

How am I going to put ME first when there’s no wiggle room in the schedule now?

How can I have a life beyond work without losing the traction I’ve worked so hard to gain?

These are the questions that our clients often show up with.

These are also the questions that our work typically answers.


Hi, we’re Nadine and Derek Nicholson, a husband and wife team and co-founders of Ascend Leadership Co., a global coaching and consulting company that helps ambitious business owners reclaim their time and embrace a new, radical way of doing business and life.

A way that allows leaders to Ascend, gain new levels of clarity and calm, and create more room for life without sacrificing ANY of their success.

Our unique leadership method was designed to help you make major, gut-level shifts from the inside out of both YOU and your business.

“I’ve never felt myself change in real-time like this before. I know that I AM a different person than the one who left for the retreat. Or, more accurately, I’m the true one.”

Lisa Haggis, Ottawa, Ontario

“You guided me into possibility. I’m walking away as an integrated wise wild woman. I feel I’m more connected to my internal and external resources.”

Jenne Newman, Calgary, Alberta

We know that there are few experiences quite as powerful as leaving your day-to-day, shifting your environment, and immersing yourself in nature in order to gain massive, rapid, radical clarity.

That’s why we created The Rise Up Immersion Retreat.

The Rise Up Immersion is an intimate, 5-day, 4-night nature immersion experience that allows you to go to the “mountaintop” both literally and figuratively to gain the clarity, confidence, and community you need to keep climbing.

“I got SO MUCH from this retreat. It really filled my cup! It was perfect for me. Mother nature supports my spirit. You provided space, love, and permission.”

Ashley Bailey, Gladstone, Virginia

“The way Nadine and Derek face out into the world is the way that they work. I really, really appreciate that level of integrity. It’s huge.”

Matthew Romantini, Toronto, Ontario


Above the grind.
Above the hustle.
Above the noise.
Above the stress.

We hereby give YOU permission to press “pause” on life and business for five glorious, powerful days. To take a step back, to take a breath, to receive support, feedback, and coaching and to gain the space you need to help you see clearly.

Everything is clearer from the top of the mountain.

When you attend Rise Up, you’ll join a small, high-vibe group of fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders — all with the same mindset and goal of gaining new clarity in their business and life with strategic help and guidance from two masterful leadership coaches and consultants.


5 days and 4 nights of dedicated, uninterrupted YOU time

Focus and direction on your next steps in business and life

New levels of time, energy, and money-mastery for more easeful earning

A necessary PUSH to help you climb to your next level

Guidance and support from TWO master coaches, strategists, and consultants

New friendships and community with other like-minded entrepreneurs


Keep in mind that we lead from both our business minds and intuition – and love to go “offroading” and shift the flow when inspired to serve the group experience. We invite you to trust the process and know that we are highly intentional in everything we do.

That being said, here is a sample outline of what typically takes place during these retreats.

Day 1: Settle in.

You’ll arrive at the lodge between 2 and 3 pm, check-in, unpack and get oriented to the lodge. This day is all about settling in and setting intentions. You’ll meet the other amazing leaders joining you and enjoy a delicious dinner catered to your specific nutritional needs. We’ll lead an Opening Session to help you settle in and get grounded and clear, and you’ll have private time in your room to reflect and rest.

Day 2: Know it.

Our day begins with a movement session, followed by a hot, freshly cooked breakfast. After breakfast, we’ll lead you through a series of experiential exercises and trainings to help you know it.

What’s the current reality of your business and life? And how are you (really) spending your time? You can’t move forward with confidence without a clear baseline of where you are now. We’ll do an environmental scan and make sure you have a clear understanding of your current state so you have a rock-solid foundation to leap forward from. Prepare for an eye opening reality check!

After a full day of a facilitation, masterminding, and plenty of private time to reflect, we’ll meet for dinner around 6 pm and wrap up with a quiet evening of reflection.

Day 3: See it.

We start with some foundational movement, another scrumptious breakfast and then move into creating your vision. What’s the desired future you want? We believe, deeply, that Ascended Leaders are true visionaries in life and business. Once you have an unwavering sense of what you want, the “how” becomes 1,000 times simpler.

Today we’ll spend some quality time in Mother Nature as a shortcut to your unfiltered truth. As with every other day, you will saviour delicious meals courtesy of our private chef, and there will be room for surprise and adventure as well!

Day 4: Say it.

Now that you are clear about where you are and what you want, it’s time to create a deep, gut-level connection to your deepest why – and own what you want and why you want it. Change cannot happen without bold, unapologetic ownership and commitment. It is time to powerfully choose and claim your vision. Prepare for a lot more breathing room… and a rush of relief!

After our morning sessions, you will enjoy time in Nature to solidify your commitment. We’ll spend the afternoon together helping you map out some next steps to bring your vision to life.

Day 5: Head out.

We’ll have our final breakfast together as a group, lead an unforgettable Closing Session to help you claim and own your life-changing results, check out of the lodge, and say our goodbyes. You’ll be ready to go by about 12 noon with a tasty packed lunch (and a solid clarity for making monumental changes in your business and life.)



Mount Engadine Lodge has 15 spacious and relaxing rooms, all comfortably furnished with comforters, linens, towels and natural toiletries.

The staff maintains an atmosphere of quiet retreat to help you truly disconnect and unwind.

Your shared, luxurious accommodation and four mouth-watering meals each day are included with your retreat, with an option of choosing private accommodation.

Keep in mind: There are no in-room telephones or televisions to take your time away from the breathtaking surroundings. Don’t panic, though. The lodge does offer Wi-Fi for those who must stay connected in limited doses. (We do recommend keeping your use limited and allowing yourself the space to enjoy the quiet mountain atmosphere.)

“Nadine and Derek offer a bond and intimacy in the group like no other experience I’ve had. I got my heart and soul on a whole other level! Total clarity about my value/worth and confidence that I can make it happen. I got my life back at out of that retreat.”

Sarah Laughton, Calgary, Alberta

“Your ability to hold space, your level four listening as facilitators, your adaptability to feel into what’s needed, your say/do integrity, your generosity, your levity, laughter, brilliance. You and your efforts are truly appreciated DEEPLY. YOU ROCK!!!”

Kirsty Lloyd, Edmonton, Alberta


November 15-19, 2021


There are limited spots available for each retreat as this is an intimate group experience. If you’re interested in joining us at a future retreat, the first step is a simple phone call.

We will get to know each other and explore if this experience is the right fit for you. We look forward to connecting with you!