Climb over your


and emerge victorious.

You’re on the verge of a breakthrough in your business. You can FEEL it.

You have a good idea of the ONE challenge that’s standing in your way of next-level success.

And you’re ready to face it, head-on.

We’re your reinforcements.

This is the Elevate Intensive.

We’re your reinforcements.

This is the

Elevate Intensive.

Six Weeks. One Project.

ONE powerhouse partnership to knock your business goal out of the park.

ONE powerhouse partnership to knock your business goal out of the park.

Get our laser-focused attention and support on the single area of your business with the most room for growth, and the highest potential for ROI.

This is a highly-collaborative, hyper-focused private consulting 6-week project tailored to YOU and your business. We bring our intuitive blend of co-coaching, along with 50+ years of combined expertise in leadership, business communications, public relations, psychology, entrepreneurship, and change management to face off against your most stubborn business hurdle.

You’ll have Nadine as your dedicated partner — co-creating monumental results that will seriously shift the course of your business. Derek lends his insight and specialized expertise from behind the curtain, jumping in as needed for extra support.

Add YOUR genius to the mix, and it was never really any contest at all, was it?

What can we conquer together?

We’re known for helping clients uncover their highest truth, free up their time, make money with more ease, master the sales conversation, and build a cohesive team. These are our areas of specialty; carefully cultivated to help you create more spaciousness in your business and life.

They are the key ingredients to Business Ascension.


Your biggest opportunity for a game-changing breakthrough almost certainly lies within one of these areas.

The activities, tools, and deliverables that come out of your Intensive will be entirely custom to you, based on the opportunities and objectives we lay out together in advance.

You might choose to use this time to:

Increase focus and clarify your direction.

Reclaim and master how you prioritize your time.

Become more confident and comfortable with sales conversations.

Stand more assertively for yourself, their value, and your truth.

Overcome procrastination, second-guessing, and a negative inner-critic.

Engage the most important people in your life for a rock-solid support system.

From time systems to role playing to in-depth assessments, we bring five decades of coaching, business, and self-leadership tools to the table to get the job done. Together, we create a high-vibe, and energy-rich collaborative coaching environment where perspectives shift, confidence soars, and big ugly problems become really no big deal.

If you’re staring down a stubborn roadblock that is making business and life more difficult than it needs to be, we can’t wait to help you overcome it in a record amount of time.

Psst, Powerhouse

At its essence, the work we do is about discovering a better way to lead yourself, your time, your business, and your team. This always requires both inner and outer work; we grow YOU to grow your business.

If you feel deep down that what’s holding you back runs deeper than one big challenge, and you crave ongoing support and accountability to transform who you are BEING as a leader, we recommend taking a look at the Ascension Partnership; our signature in-the-trenches long-term coaching experience.