Client Story: Lisa Genovese

Lisa Genovese

President, BottomLine
Strategist. Mentor. Employer. Nature Lover.
Calgary, Alberta


1. Tell me a little bit about your business and what it is that you do:

I’m really focused on helping brands evolve. We work with a lot of next-generation businesses. Often, they’re either a disruptor in the space and do something very, very different than their competition, but often they’re not really highlighting it. Sometimes, though, we have companies that come to us who know that they are going to become extinct if they don’t evolve. Through our proprietary market research process, we help them develop a full blown, very comprehensive marketing plan and then implement it. And the implementation can be anything from visual brand identity right through to websites and web applications.

Why we love her:

For as long as we can remember, Lisa has been an innovator in the marketing and branding industry. What was most exciting to witness in her transformation, while coaching with us, was how she stepped into her confidence in her own genius. The world needs Lisa to be an Ascended Leader so brave companies get to become evolutionary leaders in their industries. She is absolutely brilliant.”

– Nadine & Derek


2. Tell me a little bit about where you were before you worked with Nadine?

I was totally overwhelmed. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I felt really out of my element. So while it was the second business that I had owned, I just felt like I didn’t really know how to grow and I felt very constricted from a time perspective.


3. What kind of support were you hoping to receive from them?

I guess I was looking for somebody to really give me direction. And what I always really appreciated about Nadine is, although she’s a fantastic coach, she comes with a consulting side. And that’s something Derek brings to the table as well. Yes, there’s a coaching side to it, but there’s also a gem in there where they can really hone in on the problem and how to fix it.

Nadine’s time management is second to none. She helped me build a bit of a system that really carried me through. Like not having to work 20 hours a day and still being able to accomplish what needed to be done to grow the company.”


4. What key lessons or realizations have come out of your work with them?

Nadine really helped me get a good handle on how to manage my time and how to delegate. Because, I’m a doer. I will work 20 hours a day if you let me. And she was very good at being like, “No, Lisa, you need to sleep.” So she helped me build a bit of a system in my calendar, and that really carried me through a lot of years. I will forever be indebted to her for that time management piece.

From Derek — I actually still think I have it written on my whiteboard at home — it says something like, “If you fail, First Ask what I Learned.” It’s what F.A.I.L. stands for, as opposed to seeing it as a defeat. That was hugely powerful.

I remember having a one to one session at a coffee shop with Derek. I was struggling with a particular employee at the time and he made me get up in the middle of the coffee shop and put my hands on my hips and and basically declare in front of the whole coffee shop that I was going to step into my power as Lisa the CEO. And I can say that I still do that every now and again if I’m walking into a tough meeting. Hands on my hips and I’m like, “yeah, I got this!”

So, really, lessons around confidence in myself and that, even if I do fail, so what? I’ll figure it out.


5. How has your business changed? How has all of this shown up in your business?

Most of the successes I had were from the personal growth side of things, like from a time management, “get my life back” perspective.

Like not having to work 20 hours a day and still being able to accomplish what needed to be done to grow the company. The confidence to say, “No, I don’t need to do that.” It’s okay to say “no” to that client. Nadine actually coached me through firing our first client and I remember how scary that was. I’m grateful for it now, but I thought I was going to die at the time. I guess it was really the confidence from a leadership perspective to be able to make choices like that. So, from a business results standpoint, it really was being able to focus on the things that were more important and cut loose the things that weren’t.


6. How has your life changed as a result of this work?

Nadine did some work with my husband and I together. He had a very new business at that time and we were having a lot of challenges on a personal level because it was a pretty big shift moving from him having a full time job. There were a lot of shifts in our life thanks to that work, one of them just being better communication. I’ve always admired the relationship that Nadine and Derek have with each other, both personally and professionally. And I would say that they very much helped us achieve a lot of that in our life as well.

One of my biggest regrets, back then, was that I wasn’t spending enough time with my mom. And so Nadine really coached me to just put it in the calendar and make it happen. If it’s important to you, it doesn’t matter what else is going on. And so I started to do that religiously. Seems like a small, trivial thing, but I’ve still carried through with that all these years and I have no regrets.

So yeah, just a greater happiness in general. When I first started working with her I was so lost in that whole overwhelm piece. I just didn’t even know which way was up. And so, just helping me kind of grab the bull by the horns and not feel like I’m looking back over the year going, “What even happened?” And so part of that is time management, but also just better choices.

“I’ve always admired the relationship that Nadine and Derek have with each other, both personally and professionally. And I would say that they very much helped us achieve a lot of that in our life as well.”


7. What surprised you the most about Derek and Nadine?

I was pleasantly surprised that they could bring both sides of the coaching and consulting realm to the table for sure.

And, really, I was surprised with myself and what I was able to do. I was having some challenges with a particular employee and there were some major HR implications with letting this person go. And I remember sitting down with Nadine and she knew it before I did. I was surprised that she was able to coach me to rip that bandaid off. Had I been on my own, I know I would have waited way longer than what would have been healthy for the company at the time. I remember walking out of that meeting and looking at myself and going “Holy, did I just do that?”


8. What’s their secret weapon?

Nadine’s time management is second to none. Derek has the ability to help more on the numbers and driving revenue side, whereas Nadine helps with more of the lifestyle side. That’s what makes the two of them such a valuable package.


9. What should people know about working with Derek and Nadine?

  • In one word, they are “Human.” They’re down to earth. They are real people and they meet you where you’re at.
  • You need to be ready for that level of commitment and that level of change. You get out what you put into the relationship, so jump in with two feet.
  • Utilize your coach. Reach out when things get hard, or you’ll miss out on the full experience.



10. What’s next for you? What are you excited about?

We have some really exciting projects coming up and a lot of them are in the new technology space. I like working on different things all the time and being part of something that’s new and kind of groundbreaking. I feel like we have a lot of that stuff coming up in 2019.

If you’re in an industry that’s being disrupted and you’re not sure where to go or what to do to evolve your business, it’s a perfect time to reach out to us.