Client Story: Kirei Yasunori

Kirei Yasunori

Owner, Evolved Health
Coach and Mentor. Butt-Kicker. Mother. Believer in Exuberant Health.
Calgary, Alberta


1. Tell me a little bit about your business and what it is that you do:

I own Evolved Health Personal Training Studios and we typically work with busy professionals who are frustrated because they don’t have time to work out. Many of my clients hate to exercise, but they feel this desire to regain their health. I hear over and over: “It’s finally my turn. I’m doing this!”

Our protocol is a based on osteoporosis research and it’s a slow motion strength training workout. My clients walk in to their pre-booked appointments and 15 minutes later they walk out with their whole body exercised — heart and core. They don’t need to return for one full week.


2. Why do you do what you do?

Our mission is to build healthy, strong bodies. I’m absolutely passionate about health and about being an influencer for public health in general, including obviously the people in my life, my staff, my clients, those people dear to me I deeply care about. When I say health, most people will probably say fitness, but I see the two hand in hand. My form of fitness is also very, very healthy. I’m looking at holistic health.

Why we love her:

“Kirei is here to shake up and innovate the personal training industry. She is explicitly trusted by billionaires for their personal training, and now knows how to lead powerfully from her heart in this masculine-dominated industry. She has experienced exponential personal and business success because of this transformation. She’s determined, open to being supported, and turns on a dime to integrate and implement what she gets from coaching. What a force of Nature!”

– Nadine & Derek


3. Tell me a little bit about where you were before you worked with Nadine and Derek?

When I opened my business five years ago in 2013, Calgary was considered the best city in North America to open a business to run a business. And then within a year that changed radically with the drop in oil prices. So I engaged with a sales training program which helped me get some direction, but I really felt like something wasn’t quite connecting for me in how I was leading my business. I was hungry for a more heart-led experience.

So there I was in the midst of a recession, running a new concept, and dealing with my own health challenges in addition to that. I had the holy trinity of stresses upon me and I really needed support. And knew I had to dig myself out of the trench and I still had a dream and wanted much more for myself.


4. What kind of support were you hoping to receive from them?

Something just really clicked with Nadine and, from the get go, I literally just felt myself beginning to change. She has a kind of energetic field that she scoops you into. Her positivity. It’s this genuine extended love and care that helped me — a lone wolf and do-it-myselfer my whole life. It was a complete “Yes! Kirei you have to take the support.”

Then there’s the whole side of her skill set. In terms of leadership, communications, teams and marketing and PR. The completeness of that package that Nadine offers, it was just so great to be able to relax and genuinely feel like I can trust her. That was huge. I trust her expertise. I trust her professionalism and I trust her heart. I trust that she’s got me.

“Nadine has a kind of energetic field that she scoops you into. From the get go, I literally felt myself beginning to change.”


5. What key lessons or realizations have come out of your work with them?

I wanted to become a heart-led leader. To really step into the fullness of my, I’m gonna say feminine leadership capacity. Literally every time I talked to Nadine I could physically feel my heart open. I could physically feel what it felt like to be open-hearted. She has so much power to connect people’s brains to their hearts so they can make solid business decisions that are aligned with their truest values.

And it makes you feel joyful when you’re living that way because you don’t feel those glitches of “Oh, was that the right decision?”

At the retreat, the biggest takeaway for me was taking a stand for my life, above and beyond my business. I was kind of living my life through my business and putting my own personal life on hold. I learned to take a stand for my personal life, my dreams, my deepest desires. Asking the “what” and the “why” and allowing the “how” shows itself without having to strive and push.

Finally, really asking the question “what matters most to me?” That’s a question I ask every day that helps me really put my priorities into place. And I act on it! I went through this real nesting stage where my personal space was not the way I wanted it. And so I spent a little over a month in the summer tweaking my space and, now, I just love it. And that offered me the support to feel like I have a sanctuary when I work at home and when I come home that supports my wellness and my energy.


6. How has your business changed? How has all of this shown up in your business?

We have certainly grown over the last year. I would say we are probably up about 25 to 35 percent. My salary is double what it was last year and I anticipate it will double again in 2019.

Ironically, I’ve actually slowed down my growth expansion plans, which feels so good. I have so much more clarity. I was the entrepreneurial dreamer and could kind of get a little bit lost in the dream. Now it’s this very organic growth coming from my deepest desires and values.

My daughter is the operations manager for the business. What I‘ve noticed is that our relationship just continues to get better and better. It’s the great joy of my life to have such a holistically healthy and alive relationship with my daughter. We don’t have a history of family business in our family — we’re the first. I just feel so solid as a team, as the leadership team. We’re so in sync. Our creativity just skyrockets because we’re not forcing it — we’re creating this spaciousness. That’s the other thing. Spaciousness, spaciousness.


7. How has your life changed as a result of this work?

In this almost year now that I’ve been working with Nadine, I literally wake up every morning and the first thing on my mind is, “Yay, it’s morning. I love my life!” Wow. It’s crazy. I have experienced this level of gratitude and peaceful joy because I got myself aligned. I went through what are my real values? Nadine helped me go through that. What is important to me? What do I care about? My own self acceptance and self love has significantly grown this year.

“I literally wake up every morning and the first thing on my mind is, ‘I love my life!’ Wow. It’s crazy. I have experienced this level of gratitude and peaceful joy because I got myself aligned with what matters most to me.”


8. What surprised you the most about Derek and Nadine?

When she says the words, I’m here with you, it’s such a full sense of “Oh, she’s got my back, she’s got me, I can just rest, I can experience that thing called surrender” and she taught me to be able to do that for other people. And that’s so important because I think that is what people are so craving. You want to have that sense that you know somebody really is here with you.


9. What’s their secret weapon?

Nadine is some kind of magic. Her secret weapon is like open-hearted spaciousness. I love that magic. That’s perfect. Her energy is so clean and clear and loving and then she’s just so skilled. There’s never any weirdness.


10. What should people know about working with Derek and Nadine?

  • You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to have it altogether. Just show up.
  • Trust that you’re in expert hands, highest professionalism, highest humanity.
  • You’re in for an experience beyond what your thinking is now.



11. What’s next for you? What are you excited about?

My expansion and growth to my next location. I was really feeling pressured about it and now I’ve let go of the time pressure, and the path has become very clear to me.

We want to serve more people. I’m really proud of all my clients and my team and I know after five years of watching results and that we have an exercise protocol that is efficient and effective and sustainable to really support overall health and wellbeing for people.