Client Story: Dawn Ross

Dawn Ross

Owner, Bit by Bit Bodyworks
Certified Yoga Therapist. Movement Co-Pilot. Mother of 4.

Calgary, Alberta


1. Tell me a little bit about your business and what it is that you do:

I help people move better in their body, so they can fully participate in their life. I help them, bit by bit, get back into relationship with the external forces that act on our bodies. I work with people that have either reached a training plateau or are coming back from an injury and they’ve been doing all of the classic “right” things but nothing seems to change. I help them grow their awareness and experience change much quicker outside of the more classic model of strengthening and stretching.


2. Why do you do what you do?

Because of my own journey. How much time I put into trying to get results without getting any. Seeing other people in a similar situation that are becoming disenchanted because they still have aches and pains or they can’t do the thing that they want to do and it’s not improving. I love seeing people realize how quickly and easily things can shift.

Why we love her:

“Dawn does not play small; she is a great big picture thinker and is able to take her learning and apply it to so much more. Her growth has been spiralling up continuously since working with her. She’s able to create and complete more than she ever has with energy and alignment to what matters most. Her business is thriving; she is working with clients in ways she never would have thought of before. She is standing in the difference she is going to make in this world, especially with our kids. She is here to break paradigms and truly create healthier, better functioning bodies for all of us. Her work in schools will completely change how teachers and administrators see our kids and how they engage and teach them. It will make them strong and empowered in their bodies and create complete body wisdom for their entire lives.”

– Nadine & Derek


3. Tell me a little bit about where you were before you worked with Nadine and Derek.

Before working with Nadine and Derek, I was trying to “figure it all out.” I would say I was doing a lot of things and was busy but not really clear on what was getting the results. Like, where was my biggest impact? I felt quite fragmented. I got to a place where there were actually lots of great opportunities, but I was lacking the discernment on which opportunities were right for me and would best serve my ideal client. I’d spent six years building my business. My business was at a place where opportunities were finding me and I was saying yes to these opportunities because they were all great opportunities. But lacking discernment in terms of what opportunities really were my ideal opportunities.


4. What kind of support were you hoping to receive from them?

So support was really the big reason why I hired them, because I’ve worked with other people that had systems or processes, but Nadine and Derek really just kept bringing it back to me. Like I can’t screw this up because there isn’t a model that I’m supposed to fit myself into. It was helping me discern and discover the model. My model.

I have great relationships with my clients. And wanted to deepen that versus learning to attract a bunch more clients. Growing the relationships rather than growing my volume of transactions.



5. What key lessons or realizations have come out of your work with them?

There’s just this deeper trust in myself and trusting that steady path from within rather than getting swept away by the flash and the quick-and-easy. Really trusting that deepening in.

I started listening. I could hear more and more what my clients wanted and I could trust in conversing with them to figure out what worked and what we needed to create together rather than me going to create this thing and try to sell it. Co-creating. I guess that would probably be the biggest game-changer.

And supporting myself. Finding the shortcuts to being in touch with me so that I can really show up for my clients. And being able to leverage those as actual — like not in an airy fairy way — launching off point to getting shit done that leads to results.


6. How has your business changed? How has all of this shown up in your business?

It’s shown up in more money with about half the transactions. I hadn’t thought it was possible. The only way I could see to make more money was to double the work I was doing. Now each interaction is more profitable. My net profitability has gone way up. And my husband owns his own business, too, so it’s not as if we have a six figure salaried income that’s coming into our home. We’re both entrepreneurs.

What else? More fun! More spaciousness. Great clarity and ability to say “no” to opportunities that are good, but not the opportunity that this moment needs.


7. How has your life changed as a result of this work?

Fun, Again. I would say now I consistently have weekends off with my husband and my kids. There has been space and energy to add things like decorating our house for Christmas. (Something we’ve skipped for the past three years because we’re not around anyways.)

Trusting my support. Being able to take time away for me. The other thing is that some terrible things happened to people that I love this year, and I was able to absorb that load. I wouldn’t have been in a place to literally thrive amidst those really hard things without Nadine and Derek.

“The only way I could see to make more money was to double the work I was doing. Now each interaction is more profitable. My net profitability has gone way up. And I’m having more fun. You’re going to be surprised at how simple it actually is to make more money with them.”


8. What surprised you the most about Derek and Nadine?

Well, number one, how good support feels. How nothing’s off limits and it doesn’t matter how many times you need to come around to something. It’s absolutely okay where you are. You don’t find that kind of unconditional-ness very often in this world.


9. What’s their secret weapon?

I think it’s their ability to really see the heart of who they work with. To see through the conditioning and draw out the inspiration that’s already in you.


10. What should people know about working with Derek and Nadine?

  • If you’re interested in deepening relationships, you can stop searching. They’re definitely geniuses.
  • They will 110% have your back.
  • You’re going to be surprised at how simple it actually is to make more money with them.



11. What’s next for you? What are you excited about?

I’m excited about having more spaciousness in the new year, being able to continue to make money and really take good care of myself this next year. I’m excited about the work that I’m starting with my residency programs in the schools — something I couldn’t do in two years before working with Nadine and Derek, now done in a quarter. So that’s exciting.